Attic Insulation Services

The technicians of Critter Control of Athens are experts at installing or adding existing insulation to your home. If your insulation has been ruined by wildlife or other factors, fixing this problem can decrease utility costs. Consult the U.S. Department of Energy's website to see if your current level of insulation meets government standards.

When one of our technicians is called in to conduct an Animal Entry Inspection, they might also examine your insulation if you request it. Once they have examined your insulation level, they'll work with you to make sure your attic is optimally and safely insulated. Some insulation materials are difficult to work with or even dangerous. It is best to leave altering, adding, or removing insulation to those trained in the matter.

WARNING: If you suspect you have vermiculite insulation, it's possible that it could have asbestos, which can be deadly to humans. Do not handle any suspected vermiculite insulation. Instead, only asbestos-certified attic insulation contractors should handle the insulation.

There are many services our technicians can put into place to prevent further issues, make your home a more comfortable environment, and even lower your energy bills. Some of these attic insulation services include:

  • Sealing attic-to-home air leaks
  • Installing blocking or metal flashing to abide by fire safety clearance requirements.
  • Making sure ventilation to the outdoors is happening at the correct rate.
  • Checking attic and insulation for water damage and repairing the issue

Call the attic restoration specialists at Critter Control of Athens for all your attic insulation needs.

Attic Restoration, Attic Repair & Chimney Repair Services

Soiled Insulation in AtticNow that the animals are no longer in your attic, what's the next step? For many homeowners, that may be the last step they consider, but unfortunately, there's work to be done before any attic is fully restored.

Wildlife animals that have set foot in your attic can cause problems that you might not even consider, like secondary parasites that remain after the wildlife is gone and will be in search of new hosts. Pests like fleas, ticks, and mites are a few common ones you should be aware of. Rodents like mice, or bats, are infamous for bringing in secondary pests.

Our wildlife removal specialists will thoroughly inspect your attic and treat the space for your problem insects or parasites.

Getting Rid of Droppings in the Attic

Anytime there's an animal in your attic, they'll almost certainly have also left an array of droppings nearby. Is this something you want to remain in your attic? We didn't think so. Did you know raccoons are known for occupying one space of your home as a living area and using one area of your home as a "latrine"?

Animal waste and urine can mat your insulation, impacting your home's ability to effectively heat and cool itself. Droppings can also stain attic floors.

Our professional attic restoration team will get rid of soiled insulation and replace it with brand new, energy-efficient insulation. We can work with most insurance companies to prepare insurance bids that will help you restore your attic quickly. Check out the rest of our home services.