DIY Wildlife Removal

Homeowners are very capable and often accomplish things that surprise them. However, when it comes to wild animal removal, it's best to save it for the experts, like our team. The average person does not have the experience, knowledge, or tools needed to successfully and safely remove pest animals.

Potential Hazards of DIY Wildlife Control

In order to get problem animals out and keep them out, you may need to climb ladders up onto the roof or even into trees. You also may need to crawl into tiny, confined crawlspaces. Avoid falling off a roof or getting claustrophobic beneath the house; we've got it covered.

Animal Injury

Being high above the ground or crammed into a small space is one thing. Now add a wild animal into the mix. The desperate critter will do everything within its power to get away from you—and we mean anything. Scratches and bites are to be expected when an animal is fighting for its life. Depending on the animal, these injuries can be life-threatening. At Critter Control of Athens, have the techniques and safety tools to avoid getting injured based on the animal. 

Humane Removal

The animal that you're trying to remove may pose a hazard to you, it may have babies, or it may otherwise pose a chance for you to incorrectly handle it. Critter Control of Athens is skilled at removing any pests in your home in the most humane way possible. We have the proper tools and expertise to handle not only the animal causing problems, but any offspring it may have in your home as well. 


Not only does the initial bite or scratch hurt, but it could come with a much more serious problem for later. Bacteria, viruses, and diseases can be spread by the infected animal's saliva. Along with their saliva, wildlife feces can also carry diseases and parasites. Common diseases spread by animals include rabies, LCMV, and salmonella. 

Cleanup and Removal

Not only do you have to remove the animal, but you need to know how to properly clean up behind it. Our experts know how to evaluate your home for damages caused by these animals, and we can offer repair services such as attic restoration, carcass removal, and crawlspace cleanup

To sum it all up, the safest bet would be to avoid wild animals altogether, as DIY wildlife control can hurt both you AND the animal. Call Critter Control of Athens today if you have problem wildlife animals around. We're here when you need us. 



Please do not contact us if you are dealing with a domestic animal problem; we only handle wild animals.