Finding animal droppings around your Athens home? That's a sure sign of an animal infestation. If your nuisance animal is already gone, we can help you get rid of animal droppings and clean your home. If the animal is still in your home, we can help with wildlife removal, too. Many wildlife animals will have used a specific area in or around your home in which to leave their feces, which can lead to health hazards, stains, and unpleasant odors. Call Critter Control of Athens today to learn how we can remove animal droppings from your home. 706.406.8663

Where Are Animal Droppings Found?

Some common places Athens residents discover wildlife animal droppings in their Athens home include:

  • Wildlife Animal Droppings in the Kitchen—Animal droppings in kitchens are most commonly from rodents. Because they are so food-oriented, rodents will often make their way into this area of your home and leave droppings in your cabinets, pantry, or under sinks as they scamper around. If there is any doubt that rodent feces has come into contact with any food products, dispose of the products immediately and call the professionals at Critter Control of Athens to remove the droppings safely and quickly.
  • Wildlife Animal Droppings in the Attic—Common culprits of droppings in attics include bats, birds, squirrels, raccoons, and more. If you suspect you have animals in your attic, you most certainly have animal droppings, too. Droppings in attics can be hidden behind items or spread across open areas. Wildlife is infamous for using insulation for nest building, so it may be necessary to replace your insulation if it is soiled with feces.
  • Wildlife Animal Droppings in the Garages—Just like kitchens, wildlife creatures like mice, raccoons, and rats get into garages to find food (and shelter). Common areas you may find animal droppings in garages include shelving, behind garbage cans, along the wall, and in insulation. Finding raccoon or rodent droppings in your garage should make your decision easy—call Critter Control of Athens today.

Why Are Animal Droppings Dangerous?

The most notable issue with feces of any kind is its endangerment to human health. Animal droppings carry a host of parasites and illnesses.

  • Rodent droppings can expose you to Hantavirus, a dangerous respiratory disease.
  • Bat guano and bird feces can carry Histoplasmosis, another respiratory disease.
  • Raccoon feces are breeding grounds for raccoon roundworms, which can lead to coma in extreme cases.

If you spot any type of animal droppings in your home, call Critter Control of Athens today for professional feces removal.