Are you suffering from a sudden high energy bill? It could be because of the wildlife nuisance animal in your attic. Raccoons are the most likely problem animal in your attic, but rodents and squirrels also get comfortable with your plush attic insulation. Any presence of animals in your attic will likely mean you need new insulation, and our team can help. Let us replace your matted and soiled attic insulation with brand new insulation to help lower your energy bills and keep your family and pets safe.

Some insulation materials are dangerous on their own, even when not soiled with animal feces, so please call us if your attic needs attention. Our attic restoration and insulation services include raccoon and bat feces removal, attic fan vent guard installation, and more. Learn more about our attic insulation installation and repair services and give Critter Control of Athens a call today. 706.406.8663