The smell of a dead animal inside your home is unmistakable and incredibly unpleasant. The carcass can also be host to deadly illnesses, insect infestations, serious stains, and odors that stick around after the dead animal has been removed. Critter Control of Athens can remove the dead animal and the hazards, smells, and stains that accompany it. Call today! 706.406.8663 or Contact Us online.

Where Are Dead Animals Found in Homes?

Sometimes a homeowner is not even aware that they have a dead animal in their home, especially if it inside the wall, in a hidden corner of the attic, or another obscured area like a crawlspace. Your first clue to the deceased animal might be the odor it emits. It is likely that the animal will have died in the same place it lived in your home. You may also come across dead animal babies like raccoons in chimneys or other areas they were unable to get out of. Finding the location of the animal is usually done by following your nose. Sound too gross to handle? Call the experts at Critter Control of Athens today. 

Getting Rid of Dead Animals

Our team is professionally trained to remove dead animal carcasses safely and to deodorize and clean what remains. The carcass may be in a hard to reach area, such as behind drywall. Our experts can remove dead animals and their odor from anywhere in your home, and we will repair and deodorize the area with our professional grade equipment. Removing the animal as soon as possible is important because lingering parasites and insects like flies, beetles, worms, and more feast on the dead animals, and the carcass can also be dangerous to curious pets.

Dead Animal Smell

Professional, specialized odor removal methods and equipment beyond what you can buy at the store may be necessary, depending upon the severity of and length of time the dead animal has been in your home.

The easiest way to prevent dead animals in your home is to keep the animals from getting inside in the first place. We can help you get rid of dead animals in your home. Call Critter Control of Athens today!