Did you know many residents mistake the noises in their chimneys for birds when they are in fact baby raccoons? It's true—raccoons and other critters like squirrels, bats, and birds find refuge in your chimney, but many cannot get back out. Though raccoons are the main creature responsible for chimney problems (they can compromise the smoke shelf and other interior components), the smaller animals may get into your home through the chimney, introducing an even bigger problem. Many home repair methods, including roof vent guards, also double as wildlife control methods. Chimney caps are no exception.

Once Critter Control of Athens's technician removes your problem animal, we can repair and install any size or type of chimney caps and screens to make sure raccoons and other wildlife can't get back in. Contact Us today for more information on fixing your chimney. 706.406.8663

Chimney Capping/Screening

A chimney cap, also known as a chimney screen, is designed to fasten to your flue to keep your chimney protected from gathering moisture and keep your roof safe from rogue embers, but it is also an effective method of wildlife prevention. A thick metal material will resist the bites and scratches of raccoons and squirrels.