Due to their location, chimneys are often subject to the most extreme elements, and natural deterioration is to be expected. We can help with chimney repair, due to natural causes or from wildlife damage. Wildlife in your chimney may also mean there is a need for the removal of the animal that is still there. Call Critter Control of Athens today for more information and to request an estimate on chimney repairs and other chimney services.

What Needs to Be Replaced on My Chimney?

  • Chimney RepairsFlashing — The area where your roof and chimney meet is covered by flashing material; often sheet metal. The purpose of flashing is to create a waterproof seal but if warped or degraded, flashings can be fallible and leaky, so it's prudent to replace them once you notice signs of a leak.
  • Bricks — Bricks are also subject to deterioration from being exposed to the elements, but the mortar joints within the layers of brick can succumb to water damage more quickly over the years than the bricks themselves. Well-constructed mortar can last on average up to 25 years, but depending on the exposure to weather, that can be less or more. Tuckpointing, or replacing the mortar on bricks, is a necessary chimney repair that can extend the life of your brick and help stabilize the structure of the chimney.
  • Concrete Caps — Concrete caps on chimneys help water to run off the chimney, but if the concrete cap is damaged, it can allow wildlife entry. Maintaining the concrete cap on your chimney can also help extend the life of your chimney.

Do Chimney Repairs Matter?

A chimney is a major selling point on many homes, especially if it is well-maintained and in good condition. Keeping your chimney in good shape and protected with strong prevention methods also helps discourage curious wildlife from falling or climbing in. Call today to learn more about our chimney repair services! 706.406.8663