Like your attic, your crawlspace is another favorite spot for critters to turn into their home, offering many nooks and crannies in which wildlife animals can nest, raise babies, and leave droppings. Due to the isolated nature of spaces like this, it's very possible that you could have a wildlife guest for a long time without even being aware of it.

Signs of An Animal in the Crawlspace

  • Droppings
  • Ripped insulation
  • Noises like thumping or rustling
  • Grease stains or fur
  • Presence of dead animals

Cleaning Your Crawlspace After Animal Removal

Once the animal has been removed, it can still be obvious that it was living there from droppings to nesting materials scattered around. Our job is to restore your crawlspace so you'd never know there had been a wildlife animal living there. The animal could have created a way to enter your main living area or causing damage to your insulation or pipes, but we will identify any damage and repair it. The carcasses and past nesting sites can draw in insects like fleas and ticks, which may consider you or your pets the perfect next host.

If you don't know for sure if the animal has been removed from your crawlspace, we can help with the removal process, too. Call Critter Control of Athens today for information on solving your animal-related crawlspace problems and damage repair today! 706.406.8663