Known for their peculiar shield-like shell that protects their bodies, armadillos are commonly found in south-Central states like Georgia. Similar to moles, armadillos are notorious for damaging landscapes with digging and burrowing behaviors. These nocturnal mammals mostly eat insects, bird eggs, small reptiles and amphibians, and sometimes plants. If you're facing an armadillo problem in your Athens yard, call Critter Control of Athens at 706.406.8663 or Contact Us online!

Armadillos in Athens

Armadillo removal in Athens
  • The "bands" on armadillos' backs, heads, and tails are actually made of keratin. Armadillos can grow up to 2 feet long and weigh around 10–15 lbs.
  • Their preferred environment to live in is in woodlands, forests, thick underbrush areas, and swamps. Like several other species of adaptable wildlife, armadillos can survive anywhere there's enough food and water.
  • Their underground burrows are often covered with camouflaged natural items to trick predators.
  • While they don't typically get inside homes, armadillos can still cause property damage. Their main food source isn't foliage, but they have been known to eat crops.

Armadillo Damage

  • Much like moles, armadillos' main damage is in yards. Armadillos often use human transportation paths like railroads, roads, and bridges in order to travel, but because they burrow next to these structures or paths, armadillos effectively impact the integrity and strength of these. Armadillo digging can cause collapses and accidents.
  • Armadillos can also be carriers of the disease commonly known as leprosy and transmit to humans and pets. The armadillo is in fact the only mammals that can carry leprosy, less commonly known as Hansen's disease. Symptoms of leprosy include nerve damage, ulcers on the skin, and muscle weakness—sometimes leading to severe disability if left untreated.

Controlling Armadillo Populations

Many armadillo-proofing methods help keep armadillos off your private property in Athens.

  • Installing fences and other physical barriers can help discourage the armadillo from getting into your yard and damaging your crops, but be sure the fence is a least a foot under the surface—armadillos can easily dig under shallow fences.
  • Decreasing the amount of fertilizer and water that is used in landscaping can make the soil less desirable to an armadillo.
  • This can also decrease the number of small vertebrates and insects that are food sources for armadillos.

Armadillo Trapping & Removal

Because armadillos can carry and transmit disease, Athens residents should not approach them without professional training—instead, call our armadillo removal technicians. The wildlife specialists at Critter Control of Athens know that using the highest quality trapping methods will safely and quickly remove armadillos from your property. Contact the team at Critter Control of Athens before trying to trap or remove armadillos from your property. Call 706.406.8663 today!

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