Moles are known for wreaking havoc on properties across the United States. Though their damage is primarily to landscapes, they are nonetheless considered a nuisance. In the Athens area, moles' damage knows no bounds. The two types of mole species common in Athens include the star-nosed mole and the eastern mole. A surefire way to know you have moles in your yard is molehills—if you see them, please contact our office today! 706.406.8663 or Contact Us.

Eastern gray mole in Athens yard

Moles in Athens

  • These small critters typically grow to be around half a foot long (16 cm/6 in) and are often mistaken for rodents—but they're actually insectivores & mammals.
  • Most mole species have webbed claws in the front that allow them to be adept at digging. Eastern moles are brown/gray and their fur is quite soft.
  • Because moles spend most of their existence underground, their senses of sound and sight are reduced, so their eyes are small. Their primary sense is smell, which is how they locate their food.

What Draws Moles In?

  • Moles are drawn to landscapes with easy digging, including moist, loamy soils. Moles are particularly drawn to areas that don't drain well because they draw in insects: a mole's favorite food.
  • Because their preferred environment is outdoors, they are rarely found inside structures.

I Have Moles in my Yard...Now What?

What Damage Do Moles Cause?

While notorious for leaving molehills in their wake, many people don't realize just how troublesome moles are. Their behavior can lead to dead grass and other damaged landscaping, loose soil patches in your yard (which can lead to a twisted ankle if you're not careful), and surface tunnels—an aesthetic blemish to an otherwise nice lawn.

For homeowners, mole problems usually equate to landscape damage, but for farmers, moles can compromise their crops—leading to a devastating loss.

How to Get Rid of Moles in Your Yard

Mole Control

Mole control can be difficult for homeowners who have other obligations—keeping persistent moles away is a full-time commitment. A professional mole control company like Critter Control of Athens can help. Through the use of professional equipment and methods such as monitoring traps, mole repellents, and more, our technicians will make sure all the moles have been removed and have no reason to come back.

Trapping & Removal

Moles are infamously hard to target and trap, especially if there are multiple. Athens homeowners with mole infestations in their yards should call Critter Control of Athens—our trained specialists are prepared for mole control and ready to help you get rid of moles for good.

Our team can help you get rid of mole problems. Call 706.406.8663 today!

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